Best Surround Sound System Under $300 in 2022


If you are Looking to Buy Best Surround Sound System Under $300, Keep Reading this Detailed Guide. In this post, We have to Spend 20+ hours researching these products, and finally, we have the list. Buying a Sound system is not an easy job, as you have to look at every requirement along with technical things; we have tried and tested each product. These speakers are the Best In this budget, and If You want to watch a movie with cinematic sound at home, these speakers could be the best choice for you. We have taken these speakers based on performance, features, cost, customer reviews etc.

Here is the list of Best Surround Sound System Under $300

These sound systems are excellent for producing high-quality audio, and we have analysed 50+ products in this range and Bring these speakers for you. If still, You are not sure which one to buy, let’ see the detailed reviews and suggestions of each product, where we will try to share our experience with you.

1. Klipsch Black Reference Theater Pack 5.1

Our all-in-one choice is Klipsch Black Reference Theater Pack 5.1 Surround Sound System which comes in your budget. When I bought this sound system, I was not sure it could give me excellent performance. Whether you are looking for movies, listening to music, or a gaming console, This speaker will be the best choice for you. I will share some pictures that we have taken during testing and videos.

Now let’s some more details about this sound system.

This speaker comes with floor standing mounting types that produce superiors acoustic Performance while listing to music. When it comes to On bass, If you love to listen to music with bass, go with this; you are not going to regret it. When it comes to placement, You can easily place these speakers wherever you want to set them. go with this if you are seeking best surround sound system under 300.

Technical details

Speaker type – Subwoofer
Brand – Klipsch
Model name – Black Reference
Item Model Number- 1064177
Mounting Type- Floor Standing
Item Weight – 32 Pounds

Pro & Cons

  • Remote Control
  • None

Check Here Some FAQ

How Many Watts available with this sound system

It has a Satellite: 50W (200 watts peak) and a Center: 75W (300 watts peak).

Are The Rear Speaker Wireless?

No, You will not get a Rear Wireless speaker with his speaker.

How much do these speakers weigh?

When it comes to the weight of each speaker is 1 to 2 lbs, and for subwoofer 10lbs

Do you need a receiver for the Klipsch Reference Theater system?

Yes, For better connectivity.

Is Klipsch a good sound system?

Obviously, yes, I would say excellent sound system in this budget.

2. Logitech Z906 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System

Are You Gamer, Musician, or Movie lover like Me? For your audio needs, I suggest you try Logitech z906 5.1 Surround sound THX system once. One of the Best systems I can recommend for gamers is watching movies and listening to music. With this surround-sound System, you will Get 165 watts while the satellite speaker comes 67 watts each. The total package should be 1000 watts.

If you are looking for authentic Cinema Quality sound, You can consider this speaker. This system is straightforward to set up, and you can easily connect up to 6 devices. It is clear to control the sound, and it also has a remote that can help you manage the systems. It has the feature of Dolby digital sound that can help you hear everything in detail all around you.

Technical details

Speaker type -Satellite
Brand – Logitech
Item Model Number- ‎980-000467
Mounting Type- wall
Item Weight – ‎36.6 pounds

PRO and Cons

  • Dolby digital sound
  • THX Certified
  • 1000-watt peak power
  • Easy-to-read console control
  • Surround sound with 3D stereo
  • Not suitable for the very small space

Check Here Some FAQ

Is Logitech Z906 good for home theater?

Yes, After Klipsch I would say Logitech is the in this budget. We Experienced Excellent Performance with this sound system.

How do I set up my Logitech Z906 speakers?

When it comes to setup Logitech z906 speaker, You can easily setup as usual speaker. Whereas you will get guide in the box.

Are the Logitech Z906 Wireless?

Unfortunately, This speaker is not support wireless feature, although You will get a wireless remote control.

3. Sony HT-S350

The next Speaker is HT-S350 Soundbar and Powerful subwoofer. It comes with the surround sound speaker system with Bluetooth and HDMI ARC compatible bar black. If you are looking for a Surround sound system only for the television, it could be the best choice. When it comes to achieving a cinematic sound experience at your home, you will need a decent Surround sound system; you can go with his; it has s force pro feature that means virtual surround sound technology. It has Bluetooth Streaming, and You can stream Your favorite movies, web shows, and music.

The total output power with this system is 320 Watt, which can produce high-quality audio quality. It is wall-mountable and effortless to set up. Seven different sound modes can enhance your entertainment experience. consider this as best surround sound system under $300.

Technical details

Speaker type – Soundbar
Brand – Sony
Item Model Number- ‎HTS350
Mounting Type- wall
Item Weight – 22.5 pounds


  • A variety of sound modes
  • S-Force PRO Front Surround
  • 2.1ch front surround sound
  • 320W total power output
  • Suitable For TV

Check Here Some FAQ

Can I buy and connect more speakers to this sound bar?

Unfortunately, You can not do that.

What is the warranty on this product?

It comes with 1 year warranty.

What Bluetooth version is it using? 4.2? 5?

With this surround sound system, you will get 5.0.

4. Rockville HTS56 1000w 5.1 Channel Home Theater System

The Next Surround sound system is Rockville HTS56 1000W 5.1 Channel Home theater that comes with a subwoofer with a built-in receiver, center channel speaker, and full-range front channel speakers. It has a built-in FM receiver with decent performance. When it comes to connectivity, You will Get Bluetooth, USB, sd card, etc. Another great thing about this system is that it has LED light, which makes it more decent. There are some more features with this system, and it has optical Input to connect to your TV. If you love a speaker with a good color combination, you should go for it.

Technical details

Speaker type – Subwoofer
Brand – Rockville
Item Model Number- ‎‎HTS56
Item Weight – ‎28.7 pounds
  • Radio
  • LED lighting modes
  • Easy to install
  • Tech Support
  • Not suitable for small space

5. Z606 5.1 Surround Sound Speaker System with Bluetooth

The next Speaker is the Z606 5.1 Surround sound speaker system. This Speaker comes with the 5.1 Surround sound system, and It is the best Speaker for Movies, Music, and games. It has a left, right, and center channels speaker with two rear satellites and one subwoofer.

This Speaker has 160 Watts of the room that can produce high-quality sound. You will get a 5.25 inch Bass driver that can fill your space with decent sound. When it comes to Bluetooth connectivity, you will Get 4.2 Bluetooth with excellent sound quality, and it can support 2.5 Times the audio data of Bluetooth.

When it comes to placement of these Speaker, It is very easy to place, and You can easily set them up according to your choice. You will get an extra-long 20ft rear satellite speaker cable that can fit as per your requirement. You can enjoy music with a computer, Phone, Tablet, Tv, DVD player, etc.; IT can be connect wirelessly via BT or with the wire. One more thing about this Speaker, it has booming bass, which means you can enjoy high-quality bass. Go with this as it is best cheap surround sound system 2022.

Technical details

Speaker type – Subwoofer
Brand – Logitech
Item Model Number- 980-001328
Item Weight – ‎12 pounds
  • Best for gaming, music, movies
  • 160 Watts of Room-Filling Sound
  • Better Bluetooth
  • Simple controls
  • Booming bass
  • It doesn’t have any digital or optical input.

6. Nyne NHT5.1RGB 5.1 Channel Home Theatre System

Are You looking surround speaker system with a great-built design that can make your room more attractive? We are talking about nyne NHT5.1 RGB 5.1 Channel home theater system, which comes with different connectivity options such as Bluetooth, USB, SD, RCA output Inputs. It has an 8-inch Active subwoofer with six passive radiators.

You will get a digital display that you are going to love. It has one center channel with 2*3 speakers and two full-range front channels two full-range real channel speakers. It has a fully functional wireless remote control that will help you to manage your surround system.

Technical details

Speaker type – Subwoofer
Brand – Nyne
Item Model Number- B08TB73BZN
Item Weight – ‎30.4 pounds
  • Aux Input
  • USB / SD Support
  • Remote and Controls
  • Multi-Color Illumination
  • Equalizer
  • Not good for gaming console

7. Acoustic Audio AAT5005 Bluetooth Tower

The last speaker is the Acoustic Audio AAT5005 Bluetooth Tower 5.1 Home theater system. It comes with a High-quality Subwoofer with four tower speakers, which is very decent when it comes to looking and performance.

This is very good for the TV, laptop, pc, DVD or MP3 Player. When it comes to connectivity, It has Bluetooth, an easy plug-and-play connection with RCA input, AUX input, USB drive, and SD Card input. I would like to mention one thing, If you have good space at your place, then consider this surround system, it has four tower speakers, which need space. Consider this for best surround sound system under $300.

Technical details

Speaker type – Wireless, Subwoofer, Surround, Bookshelf, Satellite, Tower
Brand – Acoustic Audio by Goldwood
Item Model Number- B08SPSLPNX
Item Weight – ‎51 pounds
  • SD card input
  • Not good for small space

It was our detailed guide about each product. We have tried every speaker, and we have described every point about every surround sound system. According to your choice, the budget you can go for any speaker. We are going to share some tips and tricks while selecting any system. Keep in mind before making purchase.

Things to Keep in mind while selecting best surround sound under 300

Here is some important things that you need to keep in mind while making purchase.

1. Size

When it comes to buying a surround sound system that comes in different sizes, that can create an issue for you. Let suppose you have a very small space and you bought a system which is heavy, and you are not able to enjoy it properly. So before considering any system, make sure you have selected the right speaker according to your space. Although we have mentioned in our guide, which is not good for small spaces, do not go with those speakers system.

2. Budget

As You familiar with market product rates, That keeps changing according to the market trend and demand; we advise you to check the current price of the speaker. Make sure it comes in your budget. However, in this guide, we have selected each product which comes under 300 dollars still you have to check the latest price of the system.

3. Connectivity Option

It is very important to have the latest connectivity option in your speaker; before making a purchase, you need identity, a Major connectivity option available or not. You have to consider Bluetooth, sd card, USB card as major connectivity options. There is more connectivity you will get in these speakers, such as AUX, RCA, HDMI, etc.

4. Build quality

When it comes to buying any technology product, We always prefer a solid System. For long life, you should always consider a solid surround sound system that can give performance as well as you can continue for a long time.

These are the important things, Before buying any speaker make sure you have looked at these things in your speaker.

FAQ – Best Surround Sound System Under $300

Which surround sound system is best?

You can buy any surround sound system that we have shared. All speaker is tried and tested by our team, You will Not regret.

Is a sound bar better than a surround sound system?

If you want to Improve only your tv sound then go for sound bar otherwise for the music, gaming console, movies’ go with the surround sound system.

Will I get Warranty with these speakers?

Yes, These speakers comes with the Warranty for more information you can check product page.

Is surround sound good for music?

I would say it depends on you, It can be good for music. Surround sound is more effective for the home theater system.

Conclusion Best 5.1 Surround Sound System Under $300

We have shared detailed guide about best surround system, we hope that you got the your best system. Is there any things else that we can help, Please let us know. You can email us or ask in comment box. thanks happy reading.

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